renting made easy. 

Whether you are a tenant looking for a home or a landlord looking for the right tenant, we are here to help. 

The Rental Process 

At Teel Realty we are happy to assist in either side of a rental transaction. Since we have opened our doors we have helped hundreds of tenants and landlords find the right fit. Let us know how we can help you. 



When in need of a rental, the process can be straightforward. Typically, renters can expect to fill out a standard PAR rental application along with a credit check per each applicant above the age of 18. Each rental application process depends on the landlord, make sure to ask your Realtor about the specific requirements for each rental. 

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We are happy to help landlords find the right tenants for their property. We take the time to collect information for our landlords to help filter through potential applications. We also provide face-to-face meetings with desired tenants, coordination of leases, and safe showing instructions to make the process of finding a suitable renter painless.