1.) Contact a real estate agent- they will help you through the process and answer any questions that you may have; there is no cost to you, in most cases, to use one of OUR agents! 

2.) Make the decisions- location, price range, how many bedrooms, off/on street parking, pets, etc.

3.) Ask about utilities- what is included within the per month price? Make sure to budget for those utilities that are not included. 

4.)  Often times pictures do not do a property justice, schedule a showing with your real estate agent. It is important to feel out a space before jumping into a commitment. 

5.)  While at the showing ask yourself some questions- are you comfortable with the area, will your personal items fit in the space, could you picture calling this place "home"?

6.)  Once you find the right rental for you, your real estate agent will provide you with the rental application.

7.) Once each applicant fills out the paperwork, the agent then runs the required background or credit check. From there the application is sent over to the listing agent.

8.)  The landlord then reviews the paperwork and makes a decision whether to accept or deny the tenants. Often landlords will want to interview potential tenants before making a decision. Your real estate agent will schedule the interview. 

9.)  Once approved, the next step is to sign the lease. To send the lease to the listing agent, you must also provide two certified checks, one for the security deposit made out to the landlord and one for the first months rent, who that check is made out to varies from case to case. The amounts of these checks vary per situation.

10.)  Your real estate agent will present you with a lease that, with your approval, will be signed. Leases begin usually on the 1st or 15th of every month. 

11.) Your agent will then give the checks and the signed lease over to the listing agent to have signed by the landlord. From there, each party will receive a copy of the executed documents. 

12.)  The landlord communicates how the keys will be distributed and the transaction is complete.