Looking to sell your home? Here are a few tips that will help your house give off that "perfect home" first impression. 

1. Remove Clutter: The most simple act can make the biggest difference. Removing the clutter around the house can help possible buyers realize the potential of each room. The less clutter in a room, the better.  

2. Utilize Lighting: Lighting can be an overlooked part of staging a home. Opening up the blinds and letting natural light in can help to maximize the appearance of a room. Another important part of getting the most out of your natural light is to make sure your windows are clean- both inside and out. In the winter, grime and debris can be especially present, make sure to whip down those windows!

3. Re-Purpose Rooms: Do you have that one room in the house where all of the unwanted goods seem to accumulate? Before your real estate agent comes to photograph your home, re-purpose that room to act as a small office or organized storage space. 

4. Utilize the season: Consider the time frame in which you are looking to sell. In the spring, accent your home with fresh flowers on the dining room table. Selling in the winter? Consider using some evergreen and pine cones throughout your home to accentuate holiday spirit. 

6. Consider Color Accents: If you are looking to brighten your home in the spring or summer, consider accenting your home with some color. Have a room that has mostly neutral tones? Consider investing in some colorful pillows or decor for a cheap way to bring some depth to your area. If you are feeling a bit more detailed, think about purchasing some paint to add an accent wall or two to your living room or bedrooms. 

7. Curb Appeal: Staging the inside of your home is an important part of the appeal of your listing. However, do not forget about the first aspect that will make an impression on possible buyers: your front door. If you do not often utilize the front door/ porch area of your home, make sure to take some time into making that space presentable. Cleaning off leaves, shoveling away snow, and wiping down banisters are simple tasks that can make a big difference. Along with keeping the area clean, consider hanging a festive wreath or inviting decorations to your entrance way to add to the overall "curb appeal" of your property.

8. Sound Check: Take a minute to sit in your home in several places: in the kitchen, in the living room, in the upstairs bedrooms. Sit and listen specifically for odd creeks or noises that you may have become accustomed to hearing over your time in the home. If there are any especially disturbing noises, consider looking into those before possible clients walk through your property. 

9. Cozy Home: When showing your home, know that potential buyers use all senses when touring the property. If you are selling your home in the winter, consider trying to make your space feel as "homey" as possible by targeting all of these senses. For example, target smell by baking a fresh batch of cookies before a showing. If you prefer your house a bit chilled, consider bumping up the temperature to warm possible buyers as they step in the front door. 

10. First Sniff ImpressionFinally, a very important part  of preparing your home for visitors is the aroma that your home presents. If you have indoor pets, consider that your home may give off a pet odor that can be a significant "turn-off" to possible buyers. The same goes for smoke and must smell. Simple solutions to light odors can be to wipe down surfaces along with opening the windows of your home. For more in-depth smells, consider getting your rugs professionally cleaned or scrubbing all laminated or hardwood flooring.