With the winter season upon us, now is a great time to list your home. In an effort to go the extra step to help you sell your property, we have come up with these five tips that you can do to make your space seem even more desirable. 

1. Beauty 365: Here in Pennsylvania, winter can be brutal. With harsh winds and snow storms, this time of year can make taking attractive external pictures difficult. With this being said, consider taking photos of your home from throughout the year and adding them to your listing. You put a lot of hard work into your spring and summer flower planting and gardening, make sure to show it off!

2. Not Just a House, But a Home: To buyers, viewing a home is an emotional process. When they come to visit your house they want to picture themselves living there in every aspect. They want to picture themselves waking up and drinking chai tea in the kitchen, they want to see their family in the living room spending Thursday nights eating pizza and watching a movie. Help them set the scene by keeping your space warm and cozy. Bump up the heat, accentuate that fireplace, and cook up some hot apple cider or coffee to fuel that homey ambiance.

3. DecorationChristmas decorations are always a lovely way to bring the holiday cheer to your home. However, when decorating a house that you are looking to sell, modesty is key. Overdoing the lights can be worse than not having any at all. Consider a festive wreath, twinkly light trimming or a few holiday scented candles to set the mood for the season. Who wouldn't love a home that smells of warm eggnog or spiced apple pie as they walk through the front door?

4. Let it Shine: The best possible light to show off the unique details of your home is natural light. The small acts of cutting shrubbery and tree branches away from the windows can make a big difference. Washing windows and pulling blinds are some more small initiatives you can take to making your house feel more like a home. 

5. Keep it Clean: One of the most important things to showing your house off to its full potential is simply keeping it clean. Clearing your walking path of snow and debris is an important part of presenting a house in the winter.  This small act not only makes it easy for potential buyers to access your house, but also shows that you take pride in the way that it  is maintained and perceived.